from AgroWeb on 27 August, 2017

Albanian Walnut Gliko

Gliko is an important element of the Albanian cousine and is made from many different fruits and vegetables, all grown locally by many of the valley’s small-scale farmers. ‘Walnut husk’ gliko, made from whole green walnuts, is the most common style and other popular variations include white cherry, eggplant, wild fig, plum and apricot. Gliko […]

from AgroWeb on 19 August, 2017

Homemade Bread with Walnuts and Almonds

There’s nothing quite like the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven. The warmth of the oven encompassing the kitchen and the anticipation of taking the first bite. Bread is an absolute staple in Albanian cuisine. You can usually count on a couple of slices for breakfast and lunch, each with a topping of […]

from AgroWeb on 19 August, 2017

Pickled Okra on the Tongue of Albania Flavour

Picklings are the winter lovelies in Albanian cuisine. Albanian art of transforming vegetables into a delicious dish, long marinated in vinegar, oil of olive and spices is unique for centuries, and will continue to be such in the upcoming centuries. But while the Albanian tradition of pickles is limited at the most popular flavors like […]