from AgroWeb on 30 September, 2018

Dibra’s Golden Jufka – A Great Success Story Of Albanian Tradition

We have all heard about Dibra’s Golden Jufka, the symbol of Dibra’s women, their heritage in the traditional Albanian cuisine. Nowdays, Jufka are no longer just a tradition in Dibra, but for some women have become their gainful and stable businesses. For years, the work of women like Dashurie Zerja and Flutura Begu is focused […]

from AgroWeb on 27 August, 2017

Albanian Walnut Gliko

Gliko is an important element of the Albanian cousine and is made from many different fruits and vegetables, all grown locally by many of the valley’s small-scale farmers. ‘Walnut husk’ gliko, made from whole green walnuts, is the most common style and other popular variations include white cherry, eggplant, wild fig, plum and apricot. Gliko […]

from AgroWeb on 13 August, 2017

Albanian Pickled Green Tomato

Pickled Tomatoes is one the oldest tradition of Albanian cuisine. The preparation of pickles is a special work of Albanian women. They are called “zahire” and usually they are prepared during the summer, to be preserved on the upcoming months and to be consume then in winter. Pickling is a technique of preservation of vegetables, […]