Having a balcony or a garden full of pests, snails or bugs eating your beloved plants is a terrible thing to see. When you face such a phenomenon, the dilemma of killing the pests with pesticides, hence jeopardizing your own plants, seems to kick in.


Biotechnology experts like to stay away from pesticides by researching new methods of keeping them at bay. AgroWeb.org will share with you some of these methods that are useful to preserve the health of your produce.




Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties thus it can help protect other plants as well. Take some garlic gloves, peel and crush them and mix them with water. Allow to infuse for at least six hours. Add in a dash of natural dish soap and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Try to avoid vegetables at their time of harvest because their taste can be spoiled. Spray the mix on your plants –but avoid vegetables at their time of harvest, because it will affect their flavor- twice a week for best results, according to Natural Living Ideas.




Some bugs including those who feed on cucumber, peas and squash- have a low tolerance on milk. Spray some milk on your plants but only in the morning and never in the evening.


Mint oil and vinegar


Few drops of mint essential oil mixed with grape-based vinegar are another efficient mix against pests. Always opt for grape-based vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar because apples are appealing to some insects. Spray the mix in the corners of your garden and balcony but never on plants.


Hot Pepper Spray


Add a tablespoon of hot pepper and six drops of natural soap in a liter of water. The liquid is a natural protector of your garden. Store the liquid in a dark place and use it once a week to keep bugs away.


You can take advantage of combining many of the products mentioned above that are available at every household. You can mix milk with garlic or hot pepper with vinegar. Keep in mind that natural soap is a perfect pest killer./AgroWeb.org