20 agribusinesses in the Dibër area on both sides of the border are today more prepared to face the European and Global market, thanks to the assistance from the European Union funded project implemented by Creative Business Solutions in cooperation with the Albanian Development Fund and Debar Commune. We are talking about the two-year project “Debar – Debar, Accelerating Agricultural Growth” whose achievements were presented in a B2B Fair at the Palace of Culture ‘Haki Stremilli’ in Peshkopi.

“A model for the rest of the area”, were named by the Secretary of Debar Commune, Mr. Ylli Mrizo, the achievements of agribusinesses benefiting by this project, which focus was put on “Standards and Certification of Agricultural Products, Capacity Building in Fundraising and Marketing Strategies in Supporting Economic Growth and Agribusiness Trade”.

“I hope that in the future the Agribusinesses that come today as success models will set an example for other farmers, and I also wish we will have as many other productive projects between the two neighboring countries, as the one we just finished.”

Combining the products’ certification with European standards, with tailor-made business and marketing plans according to the potential of each agribusiness, is essential to the sustainable development of the area, in Fotjona Tace’s opinion, Project Manager,
also representative of the Lead Partner, Creative Business Solutions.

“Today, over 20 agribusinesses have more high-quality and accessible products for the consumers. Certifications increase the sales and revenue potential of the agribusinesses benefiting from our project, enabling them to extend across regional, European and international borders. With the assistance of the European Delegation in Skopje, we were able to create success stories on both sides of the border, and to make an impact on the sustainable development of the common regional economy, as a continuance of the excellent cooperation between our two neighbor countries.”

The event continued with business meetings between farmers, agro-processors and representatives of the large supermarket chains in Albania, creating space for professional cooperation opportunities between them./AgroWeb.news