The first jewel that allures your eyes when you set your foot in the doorstep of Kop.Frut Dibër 2012 are the baskets full of beautiful green apples. The fresh air around revives your mind as if to remind you that there’s a good reason that Debar is famous, it is famous for this “blessed by Good” fruit.

The temptation to stay there, not just to contemplate but even to enjoy, is big and the fine glass bottles in orange and green color juices invite you to proceed. But you cannot stay there for long, because a large and clean room full of processing machineries whirrs and shines the whole environment.

Everything starts and ends there, a modern processing process which gives you the golden fluid, as it is called “Elixir”.

Vehip Salkurti and Namik Shehu are the two people who made it all possible: collecting the famous Debar’s apples in the whole surrounding area, processing them according to contemporary standards and producing at the end a 100 percent healthy and natural juice.

This standard is also why Elixir has already deserved the ISO22000 certification under the EU-funded IPA cross-border project on “Standards and Certification of Agricultural Products, Capacity Building in Fundraising and Marketing Strategies in Supporting Economic Growth and Agribusiness Trade “.

Kop.Frut Dibër 2012 is a courageous initiative, that year after year has proved to deserve its fame. A bizarre name perhaps when you hear it for the first time but that actually tells it all: the establishment, as to mark the time of the beginning of a success story; what it represents, the good cooperation; the fruit and the name of the country that is made famous by this fruit, Debar.

To go straight to the heart of this initiative, there is “Elixir”, a so-significant name that indicates so much. Like the life fluid itself, “Elixir” preserves all the nutritional values ​​of the apple fruit, and as such the human body benefits from it.

The delicious apples of Debar have earned the place of honor even with the juice, as they well deserve.

Today, 6 years after the first business plan, Kop.Frut Dibër 2012 is a distinguished and representative investment for the Albanian Business in general.

The apple juice processing environment and technology are the ultimate word of technology. In the four refrigerator chambers, the various varieties of Debar’s apples are preserved fresh, processed and then marketed as a juice 100 percent natural and safe.

This is done according to good agricultural standards and practices in order to meet customer requirements, meeting high quality standards and continually improving the food safety system. All of these together accompany the warranty of this product, an added value to the product warranty after ISO22000 certification.

Therefore, there is no need to go too far to find the best of Albanian products. Its name is easily remembered, enough to think about longevity and good health: It really is Elixir and comes from Debar./