Three other agribusinesses have been certified in Dibra region with GLOBALG.A.P, one of the most important international quality and food safety standard, in the framework of the Cross Border EU funded project between North Macedonia and Albania.

Mr. Sokol Dovolani and Mr. Fisnik Dika, two of the largest hazelnut farmers and producers in Debar, are now certified with GlobalGAP sealed products in the market. A visit to their orchards is sufficient to understand the reason behind their success. Large spaces, precise planting, where the care and respect for the surrounding environment is clearly seen with naked eye, create a peaceful harmony between nature and man. Meticulous product care, use of organic fertilizer, careful seed selection , perseverance of biodiversity across all levels, are key success pillars for farmers, that through GlobalG.AP certification celebrate international safety and quality guarantee for their products.

Mr. Zija Keshi, the only farmer in Dibra-Albania region that cultivates Aronia and Goji Berry, extraordinary curative and nutritional plants, managed to certify the two products with GlobalGAP certification. He states that ‘After operating for 6 years and putting great dedication into this activity, the certification of Aronia and Goji Berry with Global G.A.P is one of the biggest successes of my business, which will bring me one step closer in local and international’

Global G.A.P assists small and large producers by fulfilling food safety requirements and expanding the potential markets. . For the three farmers, this marked the beginning of a successful path in exporting products into European countries well known for their demands on product origin and quality. On the other side, for the domestic consumer, Global G.A.P certified products also set new standards related to food quality and safety in conform with international requirements.

So far, the cross-border project on ‘Standards and Certifications of Agricultural Products, Capacity Building in Fundraising and Marketing Strategies in Supporting Economic Growth and Agribusiness Trade’ has assisted 18 Agribusinesses in the Dibra region between North Macedonia and Albania by providing them with international food safety standards certifications like GlobalG.AP, HACCP, ISO22000 and Organic.

About the Cross-border Project between Northern Macedonia and Albania

EU funded project implemented by Creative Business Solutions, Albanian Development Fund and Municipality of Debar aims to strengthen agriculture SME’s productive capacity and access to new markets through Certification of Food Safety Standards, Capacity Building, Grant Applications as well as Marketing Strategies./