Investments in agritourism are in continuous spotlight for many individuals in Albania, acting as a successful revenue generating business model. Guesthouse concept has made possible the development of agro tourism in our country, combining in a single experience the connection to nature, culture and people, typical local products, gastronomy and traditional cooking recipes.

Foreign tourists’ interest in Albanian tradition and nature, has led many to visit rural guesthouses and experience authentic local tastes, the wonderful nature and the unique tradition of our country. Furthermore, guesthouses are becoming progressively popular among local tourists as well. An escape from the busy lives of big cities and the return to tradition are the main reasons why each one of us chooses to spend the weekend in a guesthouse.

In the framework of the EU-funded IPA Cross-Border project on ‘Standards and Certification of Agricultural Products, Capacity Building in Fundraising and Marketing Strategies in Supporting Economic Growth and Agribusiness Trade’, 3 guesthouses and a camping area model in Dibra region have been assisted by the project staff in applying for national funding schemes at the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency in the Republic of Albania and the IDEA program and awarded with a total of EUR 58,616 investments grants, with the total investment value amounting EUR 129,067.

Located in Dibra region, these guesthouses merge the food safety standards with rural tourism. As for most enterprises, agritourism needs constant investment, in order to continuously respond and adapt to market demands promptly. Increasing agribusinesses capacities to absorb investments grants and raise awareness on the financing opportunities, are key factors for agritourism enterprises’ development and improvement of their quality of service.

Krenar Islami (Agritourism – Guesthouse), Julian Hupi (Agritourism – Guesthouse), Festim Hoxha (Agritourism – Guesthouse) and Labinot Murrja (Camping) run the project-assisted businesses. Through the Project support, these enterprises had the opportunity to expand their business operations and significantly increase level of sales and revenues generated, bringing attention to our country tradition.

EU funded project implemented by Creative Business Solutions, Albanian Development Fund and Municipality of Debar aims to strengthen agriculture SME’s productive capacity and access to market through Certification of Food Safety Standards, Capacity Building, Grant Applications as well as Marketing Strategies./