In the framework of the cross-border project between Northern Macedonia and Albania, funded by the European Union and implemented by Creative Business Solutions in partnership with the Albanian Development Fund and the Municipality of Debar, 20 agribusinesses on both sides of the border will be supported for the first time with marketing and communication services.

For most agribusinesses in Albania, marketing relates exclusively to the intent of the business owner towards the internal market. One of the main goals of this project is to create a different perspective on marketing services by making ‘agro’ entrepreneurs look beyond their traditional boundaries and exploring new approaches and forms of doing business.

Domestic ‘agro’ products retain traditional elements and quality, values that make them extremely wanted within and across borders. What this sector lacks and is worsening its position in the market, is the proper promotion of the products.

With this ultimate goal, today 20 agribusinesses in Peshkopi and Debar reach the consumer through innovations. The intense and individual work done with each of them produced new logos, improved business identities, as well as created interesting and easily memorable content for consumers. Part of this project was the design of promotional materials for the agribusinesses, which will emphasize the image of each brand.

Equipping them with marketing and communication strategies, defining objectives and the way in which they are met, is another benefit these agribusinesses receive through this project.

Meanwhile, globalization and the market dictate the urgent need for digital platforms in doing business. Although far from the consumer, technology allows us to avoid territorial and time boundaries by bringing businesses and consumers just one click away. So, 20 social media pages and 20 official web sites, improved in 180 degrees the image of these 20 agribusinesses.

New logos, improved business identities, as well as created interesting and easily memorable content for consumers.

What are the benefits of all these services and why are they so important?

New collaboration opportunities by creating a favorable environment for collaborating with suppliers and customers and using effective interconnections.

Less costs for product advertising. Social media marketing is far less costly than traditional media.

Brand recognition taking into account the power it gives to brand image of digital marketing and improving its identity.

Greater exposure as the audience benefiting from online platforms reaches across the globe avoiding any potential physical, temporal and cultural boundaries.

Direct relationship with the consumer by creating real-time interaction with the audience by talking and discussing everything about the brand or business in order to be very close to market and customer requirements.

‘Agricultural Standards and Certifications, Capacity Building on Financing Absorption and Marketing Strategies to Support Economic Development and Trade’ is a 2-year project funded by the European Union under the North Macedonia – Albania Cross Border Cooperation Program, implemented by CBS Creative Business Solutions Lead Partner in partnership with the Municipality of Debar and the Albanian Development Fund.

The project aims to strengthen the agricultural sector, SMEs production capacity and market access through Certification of Food Safety Standards, Capacity Building to absorb EU funds for new investments and development of Marketing Strategies./