On February 28 and March 1, 2019, Commune of Debar held a training on IPARD Schemes, Subsidies and Grants for agribusinesses located in this area.

The training was organized in the framework of the EU-funded IPA cross-border project on “Standards and Certification of Agricultural Products, Capacity Building in Fundraising and Marketing Strategies in Supporting Economic Growth and Agribusiness Trade” by its implementing partners, Creative Business Solutions (CBS), Albanian Development Fund (AFD) and Debar Commune.

Training purpose was agribusinesses’ capacity building in grant absorption from IPARD Program and information on benefits from Subsidies and Direct Payments of Financial Support Fund in Agriculture for 2019.

The training gathered around 50 direct beneficiaries, while 25% of participants were women entrepreneurs in Agriculture.

Through project support, participants had the opportunity to be informed on benefits from IPARD Schemes, Subsidies and Payments, and were provided with detailed information on application process, required documentation and eligibility criteria.

Participants had the opportunity to be informed on benefits from IPARD Schemes, Subsidies and Payments.

Measures of the IPARD II program

  • Investments in physical assets (property and equipment) of agricultural farms, processing and marketing of agricultural and fishery products
  • Investments in rural public infrastructure
  • Farm diversification and business development
  • Technical Assistance
25% of the participants were women entrepreneurs in Agriculture

Eligible Costs for Investment Measures

  1. Construction or improvement of real estate, to the extent of the market value of the property;
  2. Purchase of new machinery and equipment, including computer software, to the extent of the asset’s market value;
  • Total costs related to expenditures and investments (i) and (ii), such as consultancy fees for architects, engineers, etc., feasibility studies, business plan preparation, will be eligible for refunded up to a ceiling value of 12% of the costs set out in points above

Subsidies and grants

According to the budget for 2019 the fund for financial support in agriculture is Eur 99.8 Million

  • Direct payment for plant production Eur 32.5 Mill;
  • Direct payment for livestock Eur 16.3 Mill./AgroWeb.news