Within the framework of the IPA cross-border project “Agricultural standards and certifications, capacity building for absorption of funds and marketing strategies to support economic growth and trade”, financed from EU, it’s implementing partners, Creative Business Solution (CBS), Regional Development Agency-2 and Debar Commune, started the agribusinesses training cycle in Debar​​.

The first training module “Alternative Financing for Agribusiness” introduced the investment posibilities through the national support scheme for 2018, announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The main purpose of this training was the inclusion of area agribusinesses into these schemes, as well the information on eligibility conditions to be met for these grants.

Mr. Ilir Pilku, Project Coordinator and Director of Agribusiness Development at Creative Business Solution, opened the training by explaining the importance of these schemes and highlighting the opportunities they provide for the Agro sector and the faclities created by this project to benefit from such schemes and not only.

The technical details of these schemes were presented by Mr. Ardian Marku, consultant to this project.

This training was attended by 57 agribusinesses of ​​ Debar area with whom a special section of questions and answers was conducted about their inquiries on these schemes, which were explained and clarified by the Project team./AgroWeb.org