The Albanian government has planned to spend EUR 20 mln this year on agricultural subsidies, of which EUR 8 mln for green houses. In addition, some EUR 93 mln will be disbursed in the framework of IPARD.

The govt. will support the crops that are much on demand and generate revenues for farming families.

The farmers of Divjaka are a model of dedication to organic farming. PM Edi Rama commited the financial package during his visit to one of the greenhouses growing saplings.

PM Rama said that a skilfull organization of farmers is a challenge and also a guarantee of success on market.

Therefore, it is needed a strategic line of planning and cooperation. As part of financial support, the govt. will scrap VAT on all agricultural cooperation societies as reported by ATA.

“To get off the ground, you should join forces rather than working on your own. We will scrap VAT on agricultural cooperation societies.

When joining forces, you can rationalize all the production and financing tools. Secondly, you access a system by offering tailor-made products in big volumes,” Rama said.

For his part, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dhimo Kote, said that any farmer will be subsidized for each sapling planted at the extent of 50%, citing certification of products and enhancement of standards for export as the forthcoming challenge.

The Albanian govt. is set to spend some EUR 20 mln in subsidy schemes for agriculture, with EUR 8 mln earmarked for green houses alone.

Meanwhile some EUR 93 mln will be available for agriculture in the light IPARD, including EUR 10 mln for green houses. The aim is to include all the farmers in the scheme. We subsidize all the farmers for each sapling at the extent of 50 percent.

Sharing their experience in green house building, the farmers affirmed that joining in societies and following a certain strategy will help them get off the ground.

They confirmed that scrapping the VAT on cooperation societies will provide an incentive for them to grow further .

“These greenhouses span around 2 hectares. We have started off with a surface of 4 thousand square meters. Working hard for around two years led to high yield.

Everything ran smoothly, so we decided to set up this green house. Of course, scrapping the VAT on this cooperation society would be a great help for us,” farmers stated.