Two are the main basics of good governance: Transparency and public participation in decision-making.

These two indicators are closely related to the level of corruption in a country. The more transparency, the less corruption.

According to the Open Budget Index (OBI), Albania has a result of budget transparency at 38 out of 100, on average lower compared to other countries in the Balkans.

The OBI 2015 report shows that “provision of Albania’s opportunities for public participation is weak”.

Partners Against Corruption Together

A project funded by the European Union, to be implemented by the consultancy organization, Creative Business Solutions (CBS), has selected Peshkopi as the Municipality where performance monitoring and community awareness will happen.

The project under the PACT, Partners Against Corruption Together (, consists in raising awareness and involving the community of Peshkopi Municipality in the district of Dibra to be informed on the transparency of public spending.

The project, which will last 6 months, aims to foster cooperation between the municipality and the citizens through active monitoring of Municipality’s performance and easy access to information on public spending and investment plans.

Creative Business Solutions (CBS) will implement “Monitoring the Performance of the Municipality of Dibër and Community Participation Awareness”, under the PACT project funded by the European Union, Delegation to Albania and implemented by ANTTARC.

The project’s focus area will be to oversee the public spending performance of the Municipality of Peshkopi.

Through a questionnaire involving 650 individuals, the project aims to determine the public perception of the municipality’s activity for which residents and businesses of the area have a high interest.

A well-planned strategy will include campaigns aimed at raising public awareness and fostering an open public discussion about whether government spending is consistent with the overall priorities and expectations of local residents.

An effective strategy will be proposed which will enable the inhabitants of the municipality of Peshkopi to obtain the necessary information in a coherent and continuous manner, including data on local public expenditures and municipal income from local taxes or grants.

The project will provide the opportunity to bring to the attention of the municipality the need for the community to provide comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date information.

In order to promote public debate and the use of social media as a communication channel, this intervention will create transparency on the results of its survey.

Objectives and Expectations

The objective of this project is to support three main pillars; Awareness, Cooperation and Transparency.

This project aims to meet certain specific objectives such as:

• To increase the capacities of local civil society organizations on accountability issues on the transparency of public spending in the Municipality of Peshkopi;

• Carry out effective monitoring of public spending and public perception

• Ensure transparency in the manner of local governance and spending of the Municipality of Peshkopi;

• Encourage public debate by influencing public behavior for inclusion and request for information and facilitating public information.

One of the main goals is to increase the capacity in the monitoring role of local civil society organizations and individuals in the city of Peshkopi with the goal of establishing mechanisms to monitor public spending and incite inclusive activities.

The overall outcome of this intervention is expected to be the activation of the actors of the society, improving the performance of the municipality in enhancing the transparency of the institution.

The whole strategic plan bases on the right to be informed as the fairest action that guarantees a better governance./

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