We have all heard about Dibra’s Golden Jufka, the symbol of Dibra’s women, their heritage in the traditional Albanian cuisine.

Nowdays, Jufka are no longer just a tradition in Dibra, but for some women have become their gainful and stable businesses.

For years, the work of women like Dashurie Zerja and Flutura Begu is focused only in the production of jufka.

If we go back in time, the beginning was not easy at all; selling Jufka  in Dibra was the same as wanting to sell snow to an eskimo , because all the ladies in Dibra know  the art of preparing Jufka.

Therefore they started selling  on the market, with all the start-ups difficulties , where the money to invest ,as it is required by any business ,was lacking, and the mentality prejudices for women “going out on markets and selling” still persisting.

With determination and courage to break the taboos, and not just to oppose old beliefs about the role of women in society, but above all to meet the growing needs of the family for additional incomes, everything began to take shape. Initially the whole production was artisanal, but slowly and patiently started the first investments.

With sales revenues, larger spaces and better machineries were bought for the production process thus increasing Jufka’s production levels.

There are many Jufka workshops in Peshkopia, but both Zerja and Begu ‘ones  have become icons of this business, and have acquired fame beyond their area, thus becoming a source of income also for other women employed there .

But thats not the end of the story.Fortune sides with those who dare, as in the case of Dashurie Zerja and Flutura Begu.

Under the EU-funded IPA cross-border project “Agricultural Standards and Certifications, Capacity Building for Absorption of Funds and Marketing Strategies to Support Economic Growth and Trade”, which is implemented by, Creative Business Solutions , Regional Development Agency-2  and Debar Commune, this month at Zerja and Begu workshops, was made possible the implementation of the highest standard of safety food standards and HACCP certification for Dibra’s Jufka , the most traditional Albanian food, prepared simply with flour, eggs and milk, with the taste and values ​​of tradition, and now 100% safe on our tables./AgroWeb.news