Albania’s roots, flavor, traditions and values with enjoy a passport of quality. This certification will extend to all blessings that Albania enjoys from nature.

It’s called Brand Albania, the umbrella of an authentic Albanian Quality Product.

For the first time ever, there will be a stamp of guaranteed quality for the best nation-wide products.

A qualified body will select the best authentic national products and grant them the seal of quality, a certification visible to all.

Albanian quality products are unique in their value, but carry the heavy burden of a bad image and lack of promotion.

A new era is about to kick off for agro businesses and agro tourism, right from the foundations of the real Albanian flavor.

A National Brand In Support of Agribusinesses and Development of Tourism.

USAID and Creative Business Solutions (CBS) launched the Brand Albania project, aiming to provide support for agro businesses and development of tourism in Albania.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Niko Peleshi, Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mr. Blendi Klosi  and USAID Albania Mission Director, Dr. Catherine Johnson, discussed the importance of the project and the important role of agriculture and tourism for the development of the Albanian economy.

Brand Albania aims to boost agro tourism through the promotion of quality authentic Albanian products such as olive oil, mountain tea, medicinal and aroma plants considered some of Albania’s rarest riches.

USAID Albania Mission Director, Dr. Catherine Johnson noted that the project encourages the recognition of the real values of authentic Albanian products in the international markets.

USAID Albania Mission Director, Dr. Catherine Johnson speaking at the Brand Albania Event.

As she stressed, this would be a very important knot in the development of agro tourism in Albania.

“We would like to let you know that there is a high interest and demand in European Union and international markets for traditional products which are certified and in compliance to quality standards. This project will showcase these qualities and promote Albanian authentic products in the country and abroad,” she said.

“We are fully aware how important agriculture and its products are in Albania. Branding these high quality products will deliver an attractive and positive image for Albania’s special products.

This is a unique project that entwines agriculture and tourism. USAID has been a strong supporter of these two sectors. We believe in their great potential,” Johnson said in the presentation ceremony for the Brand Albania project.

Albania’s First Unified Brand For Agriculture and Tourism  

In his address, Minister of Agriculture, Mr.Niko Peleshi described Brand Albania as an extraordinary opportunity for Albania’s agro tourism.

He said that the country has been missing such a project which will act as a seal of the identity for Albanian products. According to Peleshi, Albanian products have finally began a journey towards the future and the future lies in the international market. “There is no way back,” he said.

“This is a highly important project, addressing the challenges faced by Albanian authentic products. It comes at the right time. An authentic product can be of great value, but the lack of a brand diminishes their worth,” Mr.Peleshi told participants.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mr.Blendi Klosi said that objectives are clear and there are great efforts for Albania to provide a yearlong tourism extended from the North to the South of the country.

“Today’s effort is without a doubt driving and promoting our common goal of establishing Albania as a diverse touristic destination available not only in the 60 days of summer, but a solid permanent one,” Minister Klosi added.

Mr Enio Jaço, Executive Director of Creative Business Solutions addressed ways how Brand Albania can serve as a unified platform for all existing parties of interest, including projects in agriculture, tourism and agro-tourism.

According to Jaço, this platform can serve as a catalyst for agro tourism, through the promotion of the unique traits and qualities of selected, authentic, Albanian agricultural products.

He underlined that these products can also act as great ambassadors of tourism in Albania.

“The Brand Albania project aims to set up a structure or a mechanism which will promote Albanian products by providing them full access in the local internal markets and international ones. We strongly believe that this project will boost competition in the sector of Albanian agriculture,” he said.

“This mechanism will be in compliance with the standards set by European Commission. This project aims to set up the vision and business model for the platform to be functional even after the USAID project. Our objective is to give life to a project, whose vision will be sustainable in the future as well,”Mr Jaço concluded.

The project will create a national umbrella brand organization for Albanian authentic agro-food products and integrate them with related tourism initiatives.

Seven public and private institutions will consolidate efforts to successfully implement the Brand Albania Project. Key partners’ members of Steering Committee include the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the Albanian-American Development Foundation, the Albanian Tourism Association, General Directorate of Industrial Property, and Agriculture University of Tirana.

Made In Albania Is Not Enough

Did you know that the real values of the Albanian mountain tea are almost not recognized abroad?

What about the Albanian extra virgin olive oil extracted from our ancient olive trees or our medicinal plants?

They are rich in value but often sold as non-Albanian brands. The fact is that they are sold in Europe if they carry the brand of another state.

Brand Albania will be a real guarantee for Albanian and foreign consumers, granting Albania the real image of a country that provides quality agricultural products and represents a fantastic country of agro tourism worth visiting.

Brand Albania will set up a connection between touristic areas with their own authentic products.

The project will provide accurate information about the origin and quality of these products.

Brand Albania will deliver support for farmers, encouraging them to generate more quality products and make their activities stronger.

A unified national brand will grant the country’s greatest products the title of Albania’s tourism ambassadors./