Mati is one of the Albanian most blessed region from Mother Nature. Here incredibly colorful landscapes that please your eyes and fill your soul, can be found everywhere.

The favorable relief and climate in Mati Valley create optimal conditions for the development of agriculture, fruit culture and livestock.

You can breathe the fresh air like nowhere else; you can find the best honey and the fine wine, the famous chestnuts and medicinal plants, and the amazing Mati’s hospitality.

Here you can also find Shefki Hoxha, one of the most prominent dairy producers in this area.

In a modest workshop, where the dazzling cleanliness and strong discipline are the first things you notice, he produces the dairy.

As you go further the next things in display are the old wooden shelves where the cheese is placed to complete its fermentation process and along with the containers where the cottage cheese, butter and yoghurt are stored, ready to be distributed as per day’s orders.

Humbly and full of respect, every day in this workshop, he gathers the milk from the countrymen of the area to transform it into its by-products.

The milk from the livestock bred in a very natural way through its natural lifecycle is the guarantee of a 100% natural dairy product in Shefki Hoxha’s workshop.

The milk processing standards in this workshop are very high. Here the traditional techniques are combined with the modern equipment, as result the final product is one of a very high quality, easily distinguished and competitive on the market.

This standard is exactly why today all Shefki Hoxha’s  dairy products are certified by HACCP, under the EU-funded IPA cross-border project on “Standards and Certification of Agricultural Products, Capacity Building in Fundraising and Marketing Strategies in Supporting Economic Growth and Agribusiness Trade “.

“I am very young compared to the milk processing tradition in our family. It is there for several generations now, but I’m the first one who decided to not leave it there as just a tradition”, Shefki says.

This is how everything started, without any costly market researches and with no real business plans, but just with a strong confidence in his abilities and with the passion of a young man full of dreams.

Today his success is not just a personal story, it is the success story of a family, it is the heritage, the aroma and taste of the area which comes as a 100% natural and safe product, now guaranteed by the HACCP certification, ready to be delivered on the domestic market./