Albanian Aloe Vera cultivation is turning into one of the most lucrative new businesses in the country promising a bright future ahead.

Recently in Albania, farmers have started to focus on cultivating the so called miraculous plant.

Knowing the growing demand in the market and the curative benefits of this plant, farmers has begun to cultivate it massively, by planting entire fields with this “magic plant”. experts explain that dry and hot climatic conditions are best suited for its cultivation. This crop can even grow in areas where the annual rainfall is below average of the region.

Some of Aloe Vera cultivators told to that planting can be done through the year if there is irrigation facility. According to them, planting right during rainy season would be best bet.

The farmers told also to that usually the commercial harvesting of Aloe Vera can be taken from second year of planting.

Aloe Vera farming business profit has tremendously increased with the growing demand of herbal and cosmetic product and pharmaceutical companies.

The main advantage of this farming is that it require less water and maintenance. Cost of production is less and there is high profit margin in Aloe Vera farming.

With the high medicinal value and increasing concern of Aloe Vera it is very popular across the globe, also known as miracle plant is the gift of nature to human being. There are tons of medicinal benefits of this plant which we cannot count on fingers.

It has an antibiotic and antifunagal properties with loads of vitamins and minerals which makes Aloe Vera a superfood.  Also we are well aware with the fact that it has a superb healing effect on skin.

So in this topic we are not covering the health benefits of Aloe Vera as most of us generally know about this miraculous plant.

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant which is mostly grown in hot and dry climates with little annual rainfall. Literally, Aloe Vera can be grown in desert and drought regions and most parts of the world due to its wide adaptability.

Due to many uses and health benefits of Aloe Vera, this crop is grown commercially across the world.

This wonder medicinal plant has many commercial cosmetic uses. Many cosmetic products are being made from Aloe Vera such as face creams, shampoo, moisturizing creams apart using it in health industry.

This is being used largely in herbal world for curing some diseases./