Women are more engaged in farm activities than men

We can certainly admit it. In Albania women are well ruling their businesses, playing an encouraging role in a growing economy.

Small businesses in Albania account for 70 per cent of the country’s GDP and more than half its jobs, with textiles one of its strongest sectors, where most of the women are employed and lead their businesses.

Same in agriculture. Women are more engaged in farm activities than men and they do the major part of important agriculture and farming activities

But aside from motivation, hard graft and an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit, women often lack access to finance and are faced with many challenges on running their business. If you are a woman business owner looking to start a new business venture or grow your existing enterprise, finding the right kind of financing can be challenging, despite the gender issues.

To surpass these hurdles, successful USAID/Albania programs as AgroCapital and actually SmartCapital. are supporting the development of women entrepreneurship in Albania through access to finance.

What’s about the situation of women living in Albania’s rural areas?

Silvana Pinari, chairwoman of the Olive Oil Association AOA, tells her story to AgroWeb.org.

‘We opened our factory in 2005. We started collecting olives from the farmers of Marikaj area. ‘But do you know who entered our factory? Only men” she told AgroWeb.org.

Silvana admits that she was shocked by the situation. At the time she was not chairwoman of AOA yet, but as the spouse of factory owner Ilirian Subashi, she has decided to work even it was e man’s ambience.

Step by step she began to get involved starting from olive collections to the storage of the products. The presence of a woman motivated farmers of the area to bring their spouses along.

However, these women were coming merely to accompany their husbands rather than work on their own. Silvana knew that with little steps, results would be significant.

Silvana truly believes that she has a role to play whenever it’s possible. Without any cliches, such as: “gender equality required”, “the woman represents half of the population” or “human rights begin from rights of women.”

Not really! She has a role to play. She is a businesswoman. She has made it.

More women – More quality products

Data shows that women in Albania are more engaged in farm activities than men; 32% compared to 22% of men and they do the major part of important agriculture and farming activities.

According to a Food & Health Survey, producer women seem to feel the same way as consumer women. Men tended to discuss costs, breeds, feeds, technology, companies, and all profit-minded concepts. Women, in contrast, preferred to talk about their observations of animals, their opinions of them, and their experiences with them – more personal concepts.

Basically, food will be safer and animals will live better, if more women work in agriculture./AgroWeb.org