Mustafa Mashkulli opens “the door” to cooperation between IPARD and Debar in North Macedonia.

For the first time the IPARD program, an EU instrument for providing assistance in implementing sustainable development projects in the agricultural sector and rural areas, has selected a winner from Debar.

Mustafa Mashkulli’s winner business plan was put together by the project for “Agricultural Standards and Certifications, Capacity Building for Financing Absorption and Marketing Strategies to Support Economic Development and Trade.”

The 2-year long project, funded by the EU and implemented by Creative Business Solutions (CBS), in partnership with the Municipality of Debar and the Albanian Development Fund, aims to strengthen the agricultural sector, the production capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the ability to absorb EU funds for new investments.

“Wheat cultivation is an ancient activity in the history of mankind that carries knowledge gathered over centuries. It is a very general plant, especially when you love and care about it”, says Mustafa Mashkulli, who has been cultivating and processing wheat in Debar for more than 20 years.

Every investment during this long period has come as a result of hard work and dedication and was made possible by income provided by the business itself.

Today, Mustafa Mashkulli tells a different story. The story of a farmer who, through EU funds, state institution and the expertise of the implementation partners, “sealed” on 25th of October the further development of his business.

The IPARD funds will be invested by Mustafa Mashkulli for tools for an increasing impact on revenue, improved product quality and better use of time, all essential chapters of the business project, assisted by Creative Business Solutions.

What is and where does the IPARD Program consist?

The IPARD program is part of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), the main tool through which the European Union provides financial and technical support to aspiring countries.

The Rural Development Component (IPARD) provides candidate countries with assistance in implementing multi-year programs, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the agricultural sector and rural areas.

The main objectives of the IPARD Program are:

  • Supporting investments in the agri-food sector, with the aim of improving competition, meeting EU standards and respecting environmental protection standards.
  • Supporting investment in rural areas, with the aim of diversifying the rural economy and creating businesses that lead to improved employment opportunities and social inclusion.