About Us

Agriculture is the headline of the Albanian economy growth, employing 50% of the population. Yet agriculture is not the headline of the Albanian media, interested mostly in politics or lifestyle. Agroweb.org intends to change the reader’s way of thinking, giving to agriculture the place deserved as the backbone of Albanian economy and our everyday life. Agroweb.org is brought to you by AgroCapital, an agribusiness program financed by USAID and implemented by CBS, generating economic growth for the agriculture sector through access to capital and strengthening of agribusiness entrepreneurship ability.

Why an agriculture portal? Because there is an urgent need for a central agriculture information hub, since Agriculture in Albania has never been more important, being the only sector with sustainable growth.
Based on our editorial code, we are not just spreading and updating the news, we are providing information and guidance. Agroweb.org will be serving as an one-stop user-friendly portal delivering information on agriculture produces; fisheries, horticulture, machineries, research, detailed information on the government policies, national subsidy schemes, agriculture loans, market prices, grants ad credit, Bio standardization and new agriculture trends. We will collect the data from farmers, government and market demand at one place and easily accessible to all.
Main categories; News, Guide, Financing, Agro-Investments, Bio Zone, Energy Efficiency, Women in business and Social Issues includes explicit subcategories focused on each of interest groups such as farmers and young prospective farmers, agro-product suppliers, industry professionals, banks and Financial Institutions. A special homepage-place is dedicated to women in business, successful young farmers and future farms stories.
Seeking alternative financing? Users will be guided through criteria one must meet as there will be instruction guides about how to start a business, register and get licenses, write a business plan, promote and advertise, how to become qualified for bank loans or alternative financing and what documentation to prepare. Examples will include instructions and links about IPARD-like, SME fund, National scheme grants etc.
Missing market links? Relevant information about local and regional events will be available for you serving as a collaborative space for other development agriculture projects.
Whether a development project, a trade fair, an EU-funded program or another Agro project in Kosova or other regional country, the community would benefit from finding this relevant information.
Summary coverage of how the opportunity would translate to Albanian markets with direct links to trade sources to promote action would be common place. The value of having all this info organized into one single place would be significant for business-making across the region.
Complicated BIO information? The dedicated section would cover information about certification, inspection compliance, how to obtain national and EU standards, ISO, HACCP, GMP, BIO and similar items.
The information will be updated constantly with new product offers and standard requirements. We’ll be also providing useful articles on what’s BIO and what’s not, how climate changes will affect agriculture in Albania and what is energy efficiency.

Being a successful farmer today requires knowledge of advanced technology and business skills. Yet most of the traditional farmers do not have access to internet, computers or smartphones.
Things are improving fast in Albanian rural areas as young farmers more and more are using internet and social media outlets as source of connection and information.
The portal was conceived and designed accordingly to incorporate different skillsets with a responsive layout structure adaptable for computers, laptops and smartphones.
Knowing the powerful importance of social media we will be sharing news and features on Agroweb’s social pages such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn so please follow us, because we wanted you to be not just passive readers but to be connected, to be participants.
Our Vision
To be the homepage of Albanian agriculture, the only webpage where readers will find the “complete agricultural package”.
To be the only informational center, which collects trustable, professional and well-structured information on the agricultural and environmental sectors.
To be the center of agricultural and environmental information, which brings value to the readers and differentiates from the competitors for its accuracy, truthfulness, deep analysis, and also professional and technical expertise.
Talk about agriculture and the environment professionally, yet in a simple and easily understandable language.
Our Mission
Encourage a new way of thinking about agriculture and the environment, by informing, guiding and inspiring the readers through truthful, accurate, professional and updated information. Promote economic growth for the sector of agriculture, by encouraging the development of a structured market, the modernization of agro processing practices and the creation of an integrated regional market.
Our Values
• Integrity – Truthfulness and accuracy are more important than speed and sensation
• Innovation – Innovative design and content; different from other, traditional Albanian media; in the same line with contemporary journalism
• We speak a simple language – Agriculture, environment and their financing made easy to understandable by anybody

*DISCLAIMER. The articles views and content published in AgroWeb do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Agency for International Development or the United States Government