Albanian grown agricultural products are expanding in larger volumes in the foreign markets.

That is especially valid in the case tomato exports. The Albanian tomato is much on demand in regional and European markets as the Albanian businessmen in the sector of agricultural produce have established more solid bridges of cooperation.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dhimo Kote, told ATA that the export of Albanian vegetables is following the trend of sustainable growth dominated by the export of tomatoes.

Tomatoes produced in Berat, Fier, Lushnja and Divjaka top the list of Albanian agricultural exports to Serbia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Kosovo, Macedonia and Poland.

We have very good examples of farmers from Berat and Lushnja who export high quality tomatoes abroad, Kote states.

According to him, in Berati greenhouses the farmers have managed to cultivate 1500 hectares of tomatoes, but the expectations are to reach up to 3000 hectares.

Besides tomato, Made-in-Albania exports also include cucumber, pepper or tangerine. In the case of tangerine, the export volume goes to 10 thousand tons and the goal is to hit 50 thousand tons, Kote said.

The export of agricultural produce increased 25% in 2017. The government policies to support through subsidies farming and exporting agricultural businesses have confirmed the expectations so far.

In the first nine months, 2017, according to INSTAT, agricultural exports have seen an increase of 25 percent, going from ALL 16 bn the previous year to ALL 20 bn.

With regard to trade partners, Italy is followed by Kosovo, Greece and Spain in agricultural exports.