Creative Business Solutions (CBS), Regional Development Agency-2 Tirana (RDA-2), and Debar Commune, today, on February 16, 2018 in Peshkopi, organized the Launching Event of the EU Cross-Border Project.

This is a EU funded project that consists in the growth and development of Agribusiness and will promote significant economic development in Peshkopia and Debar region.

HACCP, ISO2200, GlobalGAP and Organic certifications, farmers’ support with preparation of business plans to benefit from national and IPARD grant schemes, and the development of integrated agribusiness marketing plans were the main pillars of the project that were presented by the project implementation partners.

The Prefect of Dibra, Mr. Nexhbedin Shehu, emphasized the commitment in the development of rural areas, not only in agriculture, but also in tourism and infrastructure.

Among others he stated: “Starting from today, we are launching a project that will focus on the development of agribusiness in our area. A financing window is being opened for us today that will turn tomorrow into a highway towards the international markets.”

The RDA-2 General Director, Mr. Arben Skenderi, highlighted the role of his institution in the implementation of this project and the benefits it will bring to this area by saying: “I am convinced that Dibra deserves full benefits from a project that aims at strengthening the production capacity of agricultural enterprises and increasing access to European markets.

The project intends to create a sustainable product that will meet the EU market standards and requirements and that will be capable of coping with the pressure of competition in the domestic and EU markets.”

Creative Business Solutions (CBS), Executive Director, Mr. Enio Jaco, the main implementing partner in this project, underlined that such partnerships will enable the injection of 2-3 million euro capital investments.

Furthermore, innovative branding and marketing of these products will make possible higher access to developed markets.

One of the main event highlights was the participation and presentation of the representative of the European Delegation in Skopje, Mrs. Magdalena Sarlamanov.

Mrs Sarlamonov stated that these cooperation initiatives create excellent opportunities for the cross border region’s development, under the mutual framework of the European Union vision.

Other important participants in the event were the lawmaker Almira Xhembulla, Mayor of Peshkopia, Mr. Muharrem Rama, Mayor of Bulqiza, Mr. Melaim Damzi, the Head of the Regional Council, Mr. Hajri Laci, and other local officials.

An important part of the event was the participation of about 220 representatives of Dibra region agro-business (fruit and vegetable farmers, medicinal plants cultivators, entrepreneurs and companies engaged in agriculture and agriculture sub-sectors’ products processing, etc.)

The event moderation and the presentation of project intervention components were introduced by the Project Coordinator, Mr. Ilir Pilku, CBS Agrobusiness Director.

During the event, a questions and answers session between the Project Implementing Party and the Agribusiness beneficiaries in the area took place.

It provided the audience with insight about the tools and instruments that will be used throughout the project implementation and the impact that this project will have on the designated area./

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